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Brett knows that choosing a real estate agent is a personal and important decision. Aim High for Peace of Mind.

Brett has successfully SOLD homes ranging from mobile homes to those over $1 million. The next time you need an award winning Realtor to sell your home

Selling a Comox Valley home, among a number of other things, takes time and exposure on the market. While many things can be done to help sell a home, there are a number of mistakes that have been made that resulted in the loss of a sale. To avoid these mistakes, start by hiring a professional who understands the real estate agent role and expertise to help you sell your home. Is it worth the risk of having it not sell? Brett has more than 35 years experience as a professional. As a real estate agent, he understands the local market well and he spends a great deal of time keeping current. Have you ever wondered what the most common mistakes of selling a home are? Here are the top 5.

Comox Valley Sellers Top 5 Mistakes – Do Not Make Mistakes Selling Your Home!

Many times, the Sellers Top 5 Mistakes have led to a home not selling. Selling your home is not for amateurs. You need a selling agent. This Comox Valley hone sellers info points out that many mistakes have been made that resulted in the loss of a sale. Hire a professional who understands the agent role and who has the expertise to help you sell your home. Is it worth the risk of having it not sell?


Comox Valley home sellers can and do make mistakes when they go to sell a home. Have you ever wondered what the top 5 mistakes are? Watch this video demonstration to get a sense of them and then contact me if you would like to discuss others made by sellers that may result in the home not getting sold.


To recap the Comox Valley Home Sellers Top 5 Mistakes from what you saw on the video:
1. Incorrect Pricing of Your Home – Price to Sell!
2. Not Preparing the Home for Sale.
3. Effective Marketing – Online & Traditional.
4. Hiring the Wrong Agent.
5. Failing to agree on important details for the sale before getting an offer.

Incorrectly pricing a home when you list can result in no offers, or worse, no showings. The degree to which this is important can vary according to the location of, and conditions within, the local real estate market. Pricing high in a buyer’s market in a small market area can be especially problematic. If you do this your listing can become stale quickly and it may no longer draw interest even if you reduce the price at a later time. Know the market value of your home when you list.


The preparation and subsequent presentation of a home can have a significant effect on whether or not it will sell. There are many different elements to this aspect of marketing a home. Talk to Brett about how to do this for increased success.


Effective marketing can often be critical to selling a home. You may get lucky and somebody will drive by and see the sign on your lawn, ask to see the home and subsequently present an offer. While this does happen once in a while, it is not common. Selling a home in a buyer’s market can be challenging and it often takes considerable marketing for success. Understand what works in your local market and spend your time productively when marketing. For example, if print ads do not sell homes in your local market why use them? The money may be better spent in other more productive areas. While a seller may like to see their home in print in a glossy magazine, the ad may be worthless if it is not where buyers are looking.


Hire the right agent. All agents are different and they come with different levels of experience and skill sets. Make sure that they will have time for you and that they have your interests at heart. How many times in the past have you heard not to mix business and pleasure. Have you ever hired an agent merely because they were a friend? What would happen if something bad went wrong during the real estate transaction?


Real estate transactions are about more than money. Transaction dates and other terms and conditions can also be important. Think about and know what is important to you so that when you do get an offer, you are ready to deal with it successfully.


These Top 5 Mistakes are only a few of the mistakes that may afflict a seller. Contact Brett to avoid these and many others.